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Polk County Recovers is an organization that supports households impacted by disaster and other related circumstances.  Our support is based on available funding.  Cases are funded through an impartial case management process.  Facts, beginning with the information requested in the application, are collected and presented to a group of community volunteers that want to serve without pay or recognition.  When they receive your case packet, it is void of all identifying/personal information including names and addresses.  This assures all parties involved that cases are funded fairly and without bias.  If funding is available and your case is approved, you will be notified of the next steps in our recovery process.  Although we serve all of Polk County households, those that meet vulnerability requirements take precedence and are served first (indigent, elderly, disabled, Veteran, single parents with underage children, and first responders).  It is the desire of Polk County Recovers to be an advocate for our community.  We never stop working to find funding and resources to support Polk County individuals and families.

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